LUKR Baroko Faucet (Gold - TiN)

LUKR Baroko Faucet (Gold - TiN)

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Your perfect Czech pilsner deserves the pefect pour! LUKR side-pull faucets offer a unique and traditional pouring experience found nowhere else. Hand-crafted in the Czech Republic, LUKR taps are made with high quality materials and decades of experience. This Baroko faucet is made of stainless steel and has nitride-titanium coating on its surface resulting in a gold finish.

Finish: Gold (TiN)

Shank Type: US Standard
Shank Length: 1 1/8-18 x 50 mm

Tap Width: LUKR Faucets are side-pull and will require horizontal clearance

For more than 30 years, LUKR faucets have been the top choice for taprooms, bars and beer enthusiasts looking to provide a traditional Czech pilsner experience. Learn more about LUKR here.


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