Dolium® offers high quality kegs to suit the needs of brewers of beer, kombucha, coffee and more. Dolium® one-way PET kegs are designed to be an innovative direct replacement for stainless steel kegs, without the need for any extra filling or draught equipment. Built with the mindset of a brewer these kegs are lightweight, 100% recyclable, UV protective and remove the need for return logistics.

They solve the problems many beverage companies face with the high costs of low-rotation markets and long-distance shipping. Available in 30 liter (7.93 gallons), 20 liter (5.28 gallons) and 12.5 liter (3.30 gallons) prefilled with either nitrogen or CO2.

DOLIUM® kegs represent less hassle, less waste and less expense. Get in touch with us today to experience the difference a DOLIUM® keg makes.

Why DOLIUM® Kegs?


Constructed with 100% recyclable raw material making it lightweight and designed for easy dis-assembly. The environmental impact of these one-way kegs when compared to stainless steel kegs is much lower.

Today approximately 1/3 of the kegs are made with recycled materials. Their goal is to manufacture kegs with 100% recycled materials by 2025.


Patented 'Automatic Pressure Relief Valve' (APRV). Its dual purpose allows for automatic pressure release during storage or transport and manual activation to release pressure or depressurize the disposable keg after emptying.

*If pressure exceeds 5 BAR the valve then automatically closes when it reaches 2 BAR


Designed with more than 25 years of R&D and product development, these kegs are strong, easily handled and easy to stack. DOLIUM® checks more than 50 different parameters on each keg ensuring you a superior product every time.

Simplified Logistics

The optimized keg geometry and light weight design means savings for both inbound and outbound logistics, reducing average transport costs by 60%.