Our Story

At Hop & Stuff we're passionate about all things beer. We've been providing high quality hops, fruit purees, spices and ingredients to Craft Brewers across North America since 2014. We believe that our quality products, attention to detail and expertise will help you create the best possible tasting beer. From pellet to last pour, we're with you every step of the way.

The Hops

Our curated selection is based on what Craft Brewers ask for the most. We carry a wide selection of the finest hops from the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. All sourced directly and stored frozen to ensure you get the the best quality and freshness. All hops are available in smaller bag formats (11 lbs or 22 lb) but we can easily supply larger volumes and hop contracts upon request.

The Stuff

Fruit Purees

We are proud to carry the Green Mountain Purees line of single-ingredient, aseptic purees. These purees are produced in state-of-the-art facilities ensuring peace of mind and quality.

Spices & Ingredients

We carry a wide selection of premium herbs, dried fruits, spices, ingredients and aromatics thoughtfully chosen to meet the needs of the most discriminating Craft Brewer. We can cover all of your brewing needs; whether you're looking for the bright, citrusy punch of lemon peel to the deep, earthy taste of raw cocoa nibs.


We exclusively work with quality coopers, wineries and distilleries to source freshly emptied barrels. We consistently carry neutral red and white wine and bourbon barrels in addition to a variety of specialty wine and spirits barrels. Each barrel sold is backed with experience, knowledge and a strong passion for quality. 

The Community

Hop & Stuff is led by a small team of beer lovers and we are proud to support independent craft breweries across the United States.