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DCA & Hop & Stuff continue to be your best source for Czech hops, equipment and accessories. Importing directly from our many partners in the Czech Republic, we strive to bring you the highest quality products available at competitive prices.



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Bohemia Hop

We're partnered with Zatec-based Bohemia Hop to bring you the highest quality hops available from the Czech Republic.

CY 2022

CY 2022 inventory of Saaz arrives in late 2021 with other types arriving shortly after. Hop contracts for CY 2022 are underway and still available. Small quantities of select CY 2021 hops still available.

Bohemie: Bohemie is a new Czech aromatic hop that is typically used in only late boil additions, including dry hopping. Fruity and floral it is perfect for your next Bohemian style lager.

Kazbek: Kazbek offers similar aromatic properties to Saaz but also contains strong notes of lemon and grapefruit, popularly used in modern crispy lagers.

Premiant: Moderately bittering, ideal for Pilsners. It's versatility is one of the main reasons brewers experimenting in Czech or Belgian styles have a strong preference for Premiant.

Rubin: Rubin is a dual purpose hop that is both spicy and earth. Commonly used in Bohemian or Czech Pilsners.


This noble hop, named after the Czech city of Žatec but commonly known as Saaz, provides a strong herbal spice profile with high levels of polyphenols to give your brew a long a shelf life. 

We personally select our Saaz lots with the help of key industry professionals and Bohemia Hop.

Saaz Late: Due to its later harvest date, the alpha levels tend to be higher and their aromas have more citrus notes rather than floral.

Sladek: Sladek imparts flavors of passionfruit, peach, and grapefruit making it another great contender for light crisp beers.

Vital: Vital is a dual purpose hop has a high stone fruit and jam character with little to no spice.

Additional Products

Floor & Specialty Malts

Our high quality floor & specialty malt is handcrafted in the Czech Republic by historic malthouse Raven Trading. Kilned at specific temperatures to be used as the base malt in Pilsners, Lagers or other specialty brews. Available in:

Kilned: Pilsen, Pale Ale, Vienne, Munich, Melanoidin and Wheat

Roasted: Caramel (extra pale, pale, standard or dark), Black, Roasted Rye, Roasted Barley and Roasted Wheat Malt

Additional Products
Lukr Taps

A must-have for anyone pouring Czech-style beer. They are stylish while giving a feeling of authenticity when pouring your cold Pilsners or Lagers straight from the tap. 

Nostalgie & Baroko available in multiple finishes.

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