Barrels & Foeders

Add the special touch of barrel aging to your next brewing project. Aging beer in barrels allows it to absorb various compounds in the wood providing it with unique aromas and flavor profiles specific to the type of barrel in use. We only work with quality coopers, wineries and distilleries to source freshly emptied barrels. Each barrel is meticulously examined upon receipt and again before shipping out to customers. Every one sold is backed with experience, knowledge and a strong passion for quality.

Unique Barrels & Foeders for your Brew

We carry a large range of barrel options in different sizes. We consistently carry neutral red and white wine and bourbon barrels in addition to a variety of specialty wine and spirits barrels. Some of our favorite projects: 

Wines: Bordeaux, Californian Chardonnay, Porto

Spirits: Calvados Brandy (ages ranging from 10-25 years), Cognac, Pineau des Charentes, Maple Syrup Bourbon

Not sure what you need? No problem. We can make recommendations based on your brewing project needs. Reach out to the team to chat any time.