Vermont Grown Centennial
Vermont Grown Centennial
Vermont Grown Centennial

Vermont Grown Centennial

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Centennial has been one of the most well-respected hop varieties since being released in 1990 by Washington State University. While famous for it’s use in IPA’s, Centennial is incredibly versatile. If you are a fan of lemon-lime and bright flavors our 2020 Vermont Centennial is the hop for you. Our 2021 Centennial is significantly different, with more dark - dried fruit notes. Due to its content of the essential oils linalool and geraniol, Centennial can be used in combination with some of our other varieties as a substitute for Citra…if you are looking to sub out that proprietary goliath for a flavorful local alternative.

Origin: Locally grown in Vermont, US
Type: T-90 Pellets

Crop Year: 2021
AA: 8.4% (+/- 1.00)
Sensory Notes: Purple Hard Candy, Grape, Prune

Crop Year: 2020
AA: 9.1% (+/- 1.00)
Sensory Notes: Lemon-Lime, Fresh Herbs, Lemongrass

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All hops are grown, harvested, dried, pelleted, packaged and shipped by Champlain Valley Hops in Starksboro, VT. Champlain Valley Hops is the largest hop farm in New England. They grow and produce premium hop pellets (and wet hops during harvest!) for the craft brew industry. About 98% of US hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest. CVH is passionate about local agriculture and is proud to give brewers access to quality hops with unique flavors that represent Vermont.

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